A trading startup tackling a key problem in the world’s most important market has raised $10 million

Susan Estes OpenDoorOpenDoor

A new trading platform focused on hard-to-trade segments of one of the most important markets has raised $10 millionfrom private investors.

OpenDoor Securities will use the funds to improve its connectivity to current customers, according to a statement.

The platform is auction based and is what’s called anall-to-all marketplace for off-the-run Treasurys and Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS). In plain English, that means the platform hosts auctions for instruments at a particular time.

The startup is trying to tackle challenging trading conditions in what is arguably the world’s most important market.The US government bond market makes up around 30% of the fixed-income market,according to the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association and American Bankers Association. In https://creditdefaultswap.wordpress.com/2017/06/27/googles-record-breaking-antitrust-fine-is-sending-the-stock-slipping-googl/ a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission last year, they said the Treasury market is”the most important global benchmark for pricing and hedging spread asset classes and is a key transmission mechanism for US monetary policy.”

However, liquidity in the Treasurys market is divided between on-the-run Treasurys, or the most recently issued bonds and therefore the most liquid, and off-the-run bonds. Off-the-run bonds represent 98% of the total outstanding issuance in the US Treasury market, according to OpenDoor, but account for less than a third of average daily trading volume.

The platform launched April 25, and the firm has seen more than $60 billion in orders placed since then. The firm has matched “multiple billions in US off-the-run Treasuries and TIPS orders with seamless settlement,” OpenDoor said in a statement.



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